how can I help?

connecting the dots

How do I setup my domain? Business email? Social media content to connect with my current and potential customers?

Not everyone has the same needs when it comes to content and websites.

Why pay (with time and money) for what you really don't need? The good news is that there is an abundance of choice and user friendly tools to get you going. That's where I come in, helping to establish and hand over, or alternatively manage for you as required.

getting social

Can I just use social media as my primary online business tool?

Sure, for some businesses this may do the trick, however not everyone is on social media and as a long term strategy it's important to have your own website; a home for your content, products, galleries and more. It's your businesses 'source of truth' from which you provide content to other distribution channels. It's also a great way to track how customers are interacting with your services or brand via analytical tools or capture customer details for CRM via contact forms.


I have my own website and social channels, just not the time to create engaging content to go with it!

It's certainly important that your content is relevant and reflects the quality of your business. Meandering posts riddled with errors or little thought can leave a poor first impression with new customers or have your current ones look elsewhere. I can assist with creating relevant, researched industry content for your business that will keep people coming back.